Haus der Spuren

Each one of us has a story...

Over time, we weave a narrative to explain where we are, how we got here are and to where we might be headed. After more time, our experiences, others’ input and our own shifting awareness alter how we tell our own story. With deeper insight and wider perspectives, we also see others’ stories differently.

Haus der Spuren occupies a space formerly used as a “granny’s apartment“ that now houses a reception room and three exhibit galleries, above which lies a space for archives. Nearby are interns’ rooms, partially situated above a kitchen reserved for volunteers and visitors, of which there are many. Young people from all over the globe come year-round to share their skills, experiences and passions.

We invite you to spend time considering biographies lived by others which directly influenced our world today—and to meditate on how their stories inspire or warn us going forward. Please tell us your stories!

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Welcome to Haus der Spuren!

A visit to the museum is currently possible by pre-scheduled appointment only.  You can make an appointment by phone, email, or by filling out the application form:

+49 (0) 3603.1276481

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visit by appointment only:

We are located at the center of an old medieval town Bad Langensalza in Thüringen, Germany.

We are happy for your visit and we love to share our stories as much as we love to hear yours.

Our address is:

Haus der Spuren

Unterm Berge 24,

Bad Langensalza, 99947


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As a non-profit organization, we depend on your help, be it financial, physical, or knowledge-based. If you choose to volunteer in Haus der Spuren, in return we offer you a unique and unforgettable experience. An internship at Spuren allows you to be active and helpful. You get to work with other people and learn to be autonomous. Your work with us matters. Working on historic material connects you with the previous generations and helps you discover what they have to offer, for you to pass it on to other people. You also get to work on many different things and develop various skills. You might have to write texts, bookkeeping, record, and edit videos, do voice-overs, graphic design and layout, organize and manage various events, communicate with people of different origins, etc. This allows one to gain professional experience in many fields at the same time.

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Join us... let's leave "traces" together!

People shape history, which in turn shapes their lives. Furthermore, in that way, they leave traces. In short: People make history. Tell us your story...  Make history:

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Vorstand: Dr. Martin Fischer, Dr. Jörg Seiler

Direktor: Dr. Michael Luick-Thrams


Mühlhausen VR 460772

Haus der Spuren

Unterm Berge 24

99947 Bad Langensalza


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Telefon:  +49 (0)3603 127 64 81